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You take tons of photos. Everyday. You store them wherever you can, on your mobile, in the cloud and at home. You instantly publish them on your social media accounts. Your photos are all over. Hard to trace. Impossible to find over time.

Well, that was yesterday. Now there is Kwilt, a powerful photo delivery platform that brings together all your photos from your mobile, tablet, the hottest social media and cloud storage in one ubiquitous personal photo stream.

Kwilt does not copy any of your photos, it simply finds them where they are and gets them to you in the instant. There is absolutely no storage limit and best of all, Kwilt is FREE.

Mobiles and Tablets

From your Mobile or Tablet

You most likely sync your mobile photos with a popular cloud storage service or offload them to your desktop at home or on a USB drive. No matter which permanent photo storage solution you go for, there is a Kwilt connection available so your mobile pics are never out of reach.

With Kwilt for iOS you can also access in one app all your photos from the cloud, social media, your mobile and home! And with KwiltKeys Photo Keyboard, you can access all these photos right from a smart keyboard and insert them into virtually any iOS app! With Kwilt for Android you can also access all your photos from most apps by selecting Kwilt as your source when you insert a picture!

From Social Media

You post photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And you’ve been doing this for quite a while. No worries, Kwilt gets you all your social media photos from the past and the present, easily searchable by date. Your social media visual posts are no longer lost in cyber space, they are just at your fingertips.

Kwilt supports the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Petzi.

Photo Sources
Cloud Storage

From Cloud Storage

You are an amateur photographer? An artist? A blogger who archives all your photos on one of the many online storage services available today? Whether you love Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, Flickr or Microsoft OneDrive, now you can look for that crazy photo taken in Ibiza by date or place and find it instantly across any cloud storage service and any folder without thinking about it. Kwilt has you covered.

Kwilt supports the following cloud storage solutions: Flickr, Google Drive, Google Photos, Photobucket, Microsoft One Drive, DropBox, Amazon CloudDrive.

From Home

We all have a gold mine at home. Thousands of digital photos collecting dust on a USB drive or on a PC. Make these photos all part of your life and accessible anywhere, anytime. Two easy ways: sync your PC photos with a popular cloud storage service and Kwilt can access them, or connect that USB drive and its treasures right into a Kwilt compatible home router!

Kwilt supports the following routers: NETGEAR nighthawk family.

Home Network Router