Kwilt is a free iOS app that helps you sort and share all the special moments of your life in a beautiful way. It’s one of our two apps!
This universal photo roll, brings together your photos from different sources, including your mobile and home devices, social media platforms and cloud storage. With Kwilt you can sort your photos intelligently so you can find the one you want, edit your photos in high quality, create beautiful collages, and share your favorite photos!
The simple answer is, yes, it’s absolutely free to download! Of course, to be sustainable, we hope that you will be attracted to our no obligation premium features.
Currently we only offer Kwilt on iOS for iPhone iPad and iPod, but an Android version is in the works!
When you start using the app you will be prompted to add the accounts of your choice. But what if you want to add a new stream later on? It’s very simple, just head to the icon-burger Menu and click Photo Streams. You should see a list of your current streams. Just click the icon-add and choose the account(s) you’d like to add!
Yep! You can connect as many streams as you like!
Not at all! Your passwords are encrypted, and Kwilt has no access to them or your accounts.
The time this takes will largely depend on your internet connection, and the number of photos you have. Photos appear in batches over a few seconds, and up to a minute.
Currently the limit is set to 30K per account. Now that’s a lot of photos!
Our streaming technology ensures that we don’t store your photos. You store them, share them and post them wherever you like, and we just stream them wherever they are! You can even access all the PCs and devices connected to your home network.
As a premium feature, we offer the ability to connect to your home network, including all the PCs and devices on that network. It’s very easy, all you need to do is activate DLNA media in your Kwilt app. Another option is to use a cloud service on your home computer, like DropBox, and then just add your Dropbox account to Kwilt!
DLNA allows you to stream media content between devices connected to the same home network while you are in range. Most home network attached servers and PC’s are DLNA capable devices. DLNA media can be unlocked or purchased in the Kwilt App “Store” menu giving you access to all your home devices!
No, Kwilt’s streaming method is like looking at your pictures in Read-Only mode, so you’ll have to go to the original source to delete.
Absolutely! Just long press to select the photo or photos, click on the icon-options Options button and choose Hide. You can also hide a picture that you are currently viewing in full screen without needing to select it first. You can even set a passcode so they will never see the light of day!
Photos you hide in Kwilt are removed from all other feeds in except the ‘Hidden’ filter. You can choose to view or un-hide photos from this filter. This filter can be passcode protected. Keep in mind photos you hide in Kwilt remain hidden only in Kwilt and not in their original sources.
Photos are precious, and personal! You can ensure they remain that way with passcode protection. Go to the icon-burger Menu → Preferences → Passcode and enable up to three security levels: Passcode on Launch Passcode on Resume Passcode for Hidden Photos
A KwiltSnap is an automated collage that can hold up to 15 photos from different streams and devices of your choosing. You can just click a button and enjoy, or if you like a little more control, you can rearrange, drag, drop, and edit to your heart’s content!
A Custom Kwilt is like a playlist for your photos! Collect and sort whatever pictures you want, no matter what platform they were originally stored on!
Just contact us at support@kwilt.it and we will be happy to help you with any issues you’re having! We also welcome your comments, compliments and suggestions!